Hi, I’m Albert Carter

Programmer and financial environmental activist.

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A Conquistador, the Climate Crisis, and the Finances of Atrocity

Hernán Cortés, the conquistador who toppled the Aztec Empire, was a man of terrible and unrelenting ambition. Yet his conquests shrank as time went on. Learn about how Cortés’ crimes were brought to a halt, as the crimes of the climate crisis can be too.

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Closing The BikePoints Project

Ending my work on the BikePoints project.

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October Update

As chill winds descend from the north and leaves turn to yellow and red, fall, and crunch underfoot, I wish we could huddle together, sharing hot drinks and thoughts, and feeling comfort in one another’s' presence. Instead, we congregate over Zoom calls and emails, seeking connectedness in the harsh cold glares of our computer screens. So I'm emailing you again; to tell you about my last few months; to try to keep the interpersonal connections that I have; to try and grow the connections that I don't have; and to connect with you in whatever way is available to me.

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A Dutch Import We Can All Love: Bike Points

They're cheap, politically easy, and improve people's lives. Find out what they are, how to make them, and how to bring them to the US.

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3. Amplifying Corporate Dissent: A Tactic to Take Down Fossil Fuels

Trolling to disrupt the fossil fuel supply chain. One of 3 tactics to take down fossil fuels.

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