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Programmer and financial environmental activist.

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Structure and Governance for Intentional Communities

Are you figuring out how to govern a living community? This commentary and governance document may help.

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Defunding Putins War

The unfortunate fact is that your money probably provided financing for Gazprom, which is funding Putin’s bombs, which are dropping on cities and children and as you read this. That same money is also financing the climate crisis. Both are causing grain prices to spike, resulting in a food crisis that’s causing millions to go hungry, and contributing to a refugee crisis as the dominoes continue to tumble.

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Learning Dutch the Slow Way

I am not a polyglot and I do not have a natural predisposition to language learning. In language classroom settings, I'm a middling student. However, over the past year, I have managed to teach myself A2 to B1 level Dutch without attending in-person classes. Here's how.

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A Conquistador, the Climate Crisis, and the Finances of Atrocity

Hernán Cortés, the conquistador who toppled the Aztec Empire, was a man of terrible and unrelenting ambition. Yet his conquests shrank as time went on. Learn about how Cortés’ crimes were brought to a halt, as the crimes of the climate crisis can be too.

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Closing The BikePoints Project

Ending my work on the BikePoints project.

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